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Guanyinge brown sugar is an excellent sugarcane variety with high sugar content and high resistance.
One: The sugarcane used is planted in yellow soil, red soil, red soil, yellow-brown soil, and southern paddy soil. The pH value is 5.6 to 6.8, the soil layer thickness is greater than 25cm, and the slope is less than 20 °.
Two: cultivation management
1. Sowing time: mainly spring sowing.
2. Planting density: The planting density of large stem plants is ≤120,000 plants / ha, and the planting density of small stem plants is ≤150,000 plants / ha.
3. Fertilization: Apply organic fertilizer of ≥15 tons / ha every year.
4. Environmental and safety requirements: The use of pesticides and fertilizers must comply with relevant national regulations
3: Harvesting raw materials From early December to late March of the year, the sugar content of the third section of sugarcane is greater than 16 ° bx, and the sugar ratio of the sugarcane head is greater than 0.9.
Four: Processing
1. Process flow: sugarcane → juice → heating, neutralization → clarification → concentration → refined sugar → grinding → finished product → warehouse.
2. Process requirements:
(1) Juicing: The squeeze method is used to squeeze the juice, and the extraction rate of sugarcane juice is ≥90%.
(2) Heating and neutralization: The sugarcane juice is heated to boiling, and the defoaming sedimentation is continued, so that the surface of the sugarcane juice has no floating bubbles.
(3) Clarification: After precipitating in the sedimentation tank, filter through a 120 mesh / cm2 stainless steel sieve to clarify. (4) Concentration: The concentration temperature is between 160 ° C and 180 ° C, and the concentration time is 1 hour to 2 hours. The brown sugar juice has a hammering degree of 70 ° bx to 72 ° bx.
(5) Sugar making: The saturated steam temperature of fried sugar is ≤220 ℃, the continuous stirring time is ≤30min, and the sugar concentration in the pot is ≥92 ° bx. (
6) Sandblasting: The vibration frequency of the electric sandblasting mixer is controlled between 25 and 35 times / minute. Stir and tumble continuously.
7 (7) Packaging: The temperature should be controlled below 30 ° C to avoid leaving honey or lumps during packaging or storage. Efficacy: "Shuangrong" brand brown sugar powder produced by Guanyinge Sugar Factory contains a variety of essential trace elements and multivitamins. Due to its high quality and no impurities, it can be used directly in food processing, such as confectionery, pastries and pastries. Cooked with ginger, it has a nourishing effect on mothers and the elderly. This product has a wide range of uses, and has been used in health care industries such as beauty and weight loss abroad.


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